iSWAB ID Human Forensic DNA Collection Kit (up to 7 ug DNA)


Quantity: 20 kits

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    Kit for forensic human DNA collection and preservation from buccal cells, blood spots, sweat, semen, and any other body fluid, & transport/storage at ambient temperatures – all in the same tube.

    Kit contents:1 sterile cotton tipped applicator bag (containing 1 swab) , 1 barcode-labeled iSWAB-ID tube (400 ul), 1 extra barcode label, 1 plastic “biohazard” bag with absorbent pad, 1 “Exempt Human Specimen” label, and a box which may be used to mail back the sample

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    • Collect – Recover – Concentrate – Stablize – Record – Transport – Store – Analyze: All in a Single tube
    • Can be used for the collection of both, non-invasive reference samples (DNA and protein from buccal cells) and evidentiary touch-DNA samples (blood spots, sweat, semen, and any other body fluid stains)
    • Concentrate and Stabilize: Complete release and stabilization of the sample from the swab into the iSWAB-ID tube at the point of collection (no drying time required)
    • Record: Pre-barcoded components to maintain chain of custody
    • Transport and Store: Transport and long term storage over years, at at room temperature
    • Analyze: High DNA recovery allows for archiving as well as multiple runs of Direct PCR, Genotyping and DNA sequencing (Sanger & NGS)

    Next Generation Forensics Sample Collection Device:
    The collection of biometric and crime scene samples is a key step in any forensic investigation process. As critical as this step is, however, traditional collection tools such as swabs and FTA cards leave significant room for error
    or unusable samples. After collection, inadequate resources can often lead to a backlog of several weeks or months to process the samples therefore increasing the possibility of yielding invalid results. Factors which can negatively impact sample integrity include improper storage and transport leading to bacterial or mold growth, DNases released by collected cells can degrade DNA rapidly, and overdrying of the sample can result in the irreversible binding of DNA. In addition, there is often not enough evidence to support multiple assays.
    The iSWAB-ID device represents a significant advancement in sample collection and stabilization technology: DNA is immediately stabilized and preserved at the point of collection and iSWAB-ID allows shipment as well as long-term storage at room temperature maintaining integrity of the samples over years. This system allows for maximizing sample recovery and obtaining human DNA compatible with the whole range of ID profiling assays.

    Downstream Processing:
    Any commercially available kit for extracting human gDNA from whole blood (either manually or automation-enabled) can be used without any further modifications
    Direct PCR-STR Kits tested to be compatible with iSWAB-ID: AmpFLSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification Kit (Thermo), PowerPlex® Fusion and Y23 Systems (Promega)

    Shipping Conditions: Room Temperature
    Storage Temperature: Room Temperature