Take advantage of the expertise of our partner PHASE Genomics

  • Proximo SV: Identify large-scale structural variation and determine epigenetic changes using Hi-C data
  • FALCON-Phase™:Integrate PacBio long-read assemblies with Hi-C data to generate phased, diploid genome assemblies.
  • ProxiMeta™ Metagenome Deconvolution Platform:Go beyond 16S and binning techniques to obtain complete genomes directly from a mixed samples

Data analysis is offered optionally as a customized service. E.g. Phase Genomics´ Proxima Genome Scaffolding platform utilizes the three-stage Proximo genome scaffolding algorithm, and Hi-C Proximo data may also be integrated with other computational approaches (e.g. FALCON-Phase), to enable the production of “platinum” (chromosome-scale diploid assembly) human genomes. Other Proxima bioinformatics analysis packages enable topologically associating domain (TAD) calling, as well as the comprehensive analysis of all structural variants (SVs) and copy number variants (CNVs) in a genome. Please contact us and let us know your project details.

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Customized, full-service projects

May include all or some of the following:

  • Proximity ligation and/or shotgun library prep
  • Hi-C library QC
  • NGS services (experimental design, sequencing and/or data analysis)