DriverMap™ Adaptive Immune Receptor (AIR) Profiling Assay 

Comprehensive and ultra-sensitive Immune Repertoire Profiling from any immune sample

Immune Repertoire Profiling is a powerful tool for characterizing adaptive immune responses to cancer, auto-immune and infectious diseases, allergies, vaccinations, and therapeutic treatments. The unique sequences of the T-cell and B-cell receptors (TCRs and BCRs), and antibody variable regions (CDR3) that recognize foreign antigens define the individual differences in adaptive immune responses:

Profiling the TCR and BCR variable regions using RT-PCR and NGS provides critical data for the discovery of novel, disease-associated immunity biomarkers.


Cellecta’s DriverMap™ AIR assay kit  and Immune Repertoire Profiling Services are designed to specifically amplify only functional CDR3 RNA molecules, avoiding non-functional pseudogenes with similar structures. For detailed information, why immune profiling on the RNA level is much more meaningful than using genomic DNA click here

The assay simultaneously amplifies, in a single multiplex RT-PCR reaction, the CDR3 regions of all T-cell receptor (TCR)–TRA, TRB, TRG and TRD–and B-cell receptor (BCR)–IGH, IGK and IKL–chains using a set of 300 experimentally validated RT-PCR primers to yield Illumina-compatible next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries.

Synthetic RNA-Spike-In controls as calibration standards for accurate clonotyping can be used in conjunction with the assay.


With DriverMap AIR kits you get

  • The only assay technology on the market that profiles the CDR3 repertoire of all T-cell receptor (TCR) and B-cell receptor (BCR) chains in a single-tube assay
  • A 3x larger complement of clonotypes than with other assays by using Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs)
  • Reproducible and comprehensive coverage from a wide range of sample inputs, including whole blood, PBMCs, dried blood microsamples, FACS-sorted immune cells, cancer biopsies, and tissue samples including FFPE

Optionally, samples used for profiling using the DriverMap AIR kit can also be run, in parallel, through Cellecta´s DriverMap Gene Expression Profiling to obtain phenotypic cell information.

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Download the product flyer for a general overview and the AIR technology guide with an introduction to AIR technology and recommendations on designing AIR profiling experiments