5 x 1ml YouSeq High-Fidelity 2x MasterMix


Quantity: 5 ml

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Power through long transcripts and high GC content at ultra low error rate

YouSeq High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase Mix is a complete and convenient 2 x mix with optimized buffers, enzyme concentration, and dNTPs. This product outperforms other suppliers´ PCR-Mixes for both fidelity and long range as well as GC-rich sequence performance. With the highest fidelity amplification available, the YouSeq DNA Polymerase results in ultra-low error rates.

YouSeq High-Fidelity 2X MasterMix is a convenient complete mix that is ready to use for

• Long range PCR
• GC rich PCR
• Cloning
• High-fidelity PCR
• High-throughput PCR
• and more…

Total Quantity: 5 ml, sufficient for 400 25ul PCR reactions

Shipping Conditions: Dry ice
Storage Temperature: -20C