AccuFusion RNA Lung Cancer NGS Panel


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    The AccuFusion RNA Lung Cancer NGS Panel for Illumina® or Ion Torrent™ uses a dual primer amplification method enabling focused detection of more than 280 known gene fusions associated with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

    Targeted identification of RNA fusions associated with lung cancer – Interrogate ~280 known RNA fusions using a target specific dual-primer multiplex PCR method.
    Fast, streamlined workflow – Generate sequencing-ready libraries in just 6 hours using a rapid, four-step protocol from extracted RNA to sequence ready libraries.
    Excellent performance with high on-target rate – Prepare high-quality targeted NGS libraries using AccuFusion RNA Fusion Technology to achieve high on-target rate for efficient sequencing
    Sensitive Detection – Can detect down to 1% variant frequency with high confidence.

    The AccuFusion RNA Lung Cancer NGS Panel enables detection of 280 gene fusions associated with non-small cell lung cancer. The AccuFusion workflow is designed for targeted and focused detection of known fusion partners. The AccuFusion dual-primer based amplification technology uses expertly designed and target specific primers to generate libraries without fragmentation of the input material. Compared to other methods such as qPCR, FISH, or Sanger sequencing, Paragon Genomics´ targeted fusion sequencing method allows robust multiplexed detection of variants using minimum sample input and a simple workflow.
    The chemistry allows sensitive detection of rare variants with using as little as 10ng RNA input. The panel was also designed to be compatible with degraded FFPE samples for improved performance, even under less than ideal sample conditions.

    Kit Contents: Reagents for Reverse Transcription and PCR, Multiplex PCR Primers, & AccuFusion Targeted NGS Library Preparation Kit

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    CleanMag® Magnetic Beads – for library purification and size selection
    CleanPlex® Dual-Indexed PCR Primers – for multiplexing up to 192 samples per sequencing run

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