Activated lm7 Resin (crosslinked to agarose 6B beads)


Quantity: 1 ml

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    The activated Im7 resin (crosslinked agarose 6B beads) contains a highly specific, resilient Im7 domain that binds the CL7 tag fused to target proteins. Following cleavage with the appropriate protease, the target protein releases from the Im7-bound CL7.

    You receive 1 ml settled resin as a 50% suspension (2 ml slurry volume).

    • In a single purification step you receive purified proteins that exhibit high yield, high purity, and a high activity level.
    • Purify any CL7-tagged protein including membrane and multisubunit proteins.
    • The Im7 resin is reusable with no observable loss in capacity.
    • The Im7 resin retains a 1:1 molar binding ratio after multiple reactivations in a variety of conditions, including various salt and detergent concentrations.

    Newly available: lm7 crosslinked to agarose 4B beads, which have a larger pore size resulting in higher binding capacities, which is favourable when purifying large proteins

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: 4C