Centrifuge-free Plasmid MiniPrep Kit (Magnetic Beads), High Throughput


Quantity: 384 preps

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    Centrifuge free Plasmid DNA MiniPrep Kit – use 0.2 ml bacteria cultures directly

    • Use culture directly to pellet the bacteria via magnetic beads
    • No centrifuge – No column – No vacuum • Flexible: Use 96-well plates or 1.5 ml tubes • Plasmid DNA isolated with magnetic beads is free of contaminations such as RNA, bacterial gDNA, proteins, and other impurities
    • Ideal for screening applications

    BioDynami´s High Throughput Plasmid MiniPrep Kit was developed for the extraction of plasmid DNA directly from bacterial cultures using magnetic beads.With high binding capacity and fast magnetic response time, BioDynami´s magnetic beads provide a robust and reliable tool for high throughput applications of plasmid DNA isolation.

    The kit requires no centrifuge, no vacuum, and no column. The isolated high quality plasmid DNA extracted using the kit is ideal for applications such as DNA sequencing, NGS, PCR, qPCR, cloning, enzymatic reaction, transformation, transfection etc.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: 4C