CleanPlex plated Unique Dual-Indexed PCR Primers for Illumina® Set C (96 unique index pairs in 96-well plate)


Quantity: 96 rxns

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    The CleanPlex® plated Unique Dual-Indexed (UDI) PCR Primers for Illumina® are high-quality ready-to-use PCR primers for Illumina library construction. They are compatible and designed for use with all CleanPlex Panels to construct targeted libraries for sequencing on an Illumina NGS platform. The index set combines uniquely pooled i5 and i7 index primer pools for unique dual multiplexing of samples per sequencing run. Each set of UDI primer pools only contains one instance of each i5 and each i7 to mitigate index hopping concerns on Illumina sequencing platforms with patterned flow-cells. Samples indexed with each i5 and i7 pair can be pooled and sequenced, then demultiplexed for analysis. 

    Sets C,D,E,F are mutually exclusive and can be combined for a total of 384 available UDI options.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C