CloneTracker 10-Barcode Cell Labeling Kit (RFP/Puro constructs, plasmid DNAs) – 10 different sequences


Quantity: 1 Kit

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    This kit includes 10 lentiviral constructs with barcodes flanked by common primer sequences to facilitate PCR amplifications. After transduction and antibiotic selection of cells, barcodes can be amplified and sequenced to estimate the number of cells present from a specifically labeled population. In this way, multiple cell populations can be labeled, mixed, growth together, and then the representative numbers of descendant cells from each population can be determined.
    Each kit contains 10 x 25 ug lentiviral plasmid DNA. The barcode constructs in this kit are selectable by puromycin and also have an RFP marker so cells containing barcodes will fluoresce red.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C