CRISPR Inducible Cas9 Expression Construct pRTCE2B-TRE-Cas9-EFS-rtTA-2A-Blast (DNA)


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Inducible Lentiviral Cas9 (S. pyogenes) Expression Construct

• Fine-tune and time your CRISPR knock-out experiments and screens
• Create your own inducible Cas9 expression cell line
• Ensure that Cas9 expression only occurs when it is required

Constitutive expression of Cas9 can result in undesirable outcomes, such as cellular toxicity and off-target effects. This demands generation of inducible CRISPR/Cas9 systems for functional perturbation in a tunable way.

We would like to introduce inducible Cas9, newly developed by our partner Cellecta.
This inducible lentiviral vector is expressing spCas9 driven by the Tet-Responsive Promoter (PTRE) and the rtTA tetracycline regulator (Tet-On) and Blast constitutively by EF1alpha. Only in the presence of doxycyclin, the rtTA transactivator protein binds to the pTRE promoter and activates the expression of Cas9. In the off-state there is no Cas9 expression at all.
This construct is also available packaged as lentiviral particles.

Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
Storage Temperature: -20C