CRISPRiTest dCas9-Repressor Assay (GFP Knockdown, RFP Control)


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    The CRISPRiTestâ„¢ Functional dCas9-Repressor Assay Kit allows you to measure a functional dCas9-Repressor (e.g., dCas9-KRAB) in any mammalian cell system. The CRISPRiTest Kit provides reagents to measure the repressor efficiency of any Streptococcus pyogenes dCas9 repressor (dCas9-Repressor) hybrid protein in cells designed to be used for CRISPRi experiments, using a FACS-based assay. The kit contains pseudoviral packaged lentiviral constructs with a green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene that decreases in expression when expressed in cells with active dCas9-Repressor, as well as lentiviral particles expressing RFP constantly as a background control.



    The Kit provides enough reagents to measure this activity in 5-10 cell lines.

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    Storage Temperature: -80C