Custom Expression Construct up to 500 bp cDNA – constitutive


Quantity: 25 ug

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    Lentiviral expression vectors are one of the most convenient and effective vehicles to introduce and stably express your gene of interest in almost any mammalian cell.

    This service comprises:
    • Synthesis and cloning of your desired gene sequence
    • A range of lentiviral vectors for constitutive or inducible expression with various promoter and marker options such as different fluorescent proteins and selection markers
    • Delivery of 25 ug sequence verified plasmid DNA
    • Optional lentiviral packaging service for production of pseudolentiviral particles to directly transduce your target cells

    Let Cellecta clone your gene into one of their optimized lentiviral vectors so you can rapidly create a stable cell line or let Cellecta make the cell line for you. Please contact us with your desired sequence and receive your individualized quote.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C