DNA and RNA Concentrator (Magnetic Beads)


Quantity: 100 preps

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    Efficiently concentrate DNA, RNA, and Oligos without the need of a vacuum concentrator

    • Effective concentrator of DNA and RNA samples – even small DNA, RNA, oligos
    • Binding capacity: up to 10 ug DNA per prep • Removal of unwanted components and impurities • Recovery rates:
    >90% for DNA size >30 bp
    >80% for DNA size between 20-29 bp

    BioDynami´s DNA and RNA Concentrator (Magnetic Beads) can be used to efficiently concentrate DNA/RNA/Oligos with low concentration without the need of a vacuum concentrator. Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) magnetic beads are used in this kit for DNA and RNA purification and concentration. The beads are paramagnetic particles coated with carboxyl groups that reversibly bind to DNA and RNA.

    The concentrator protocol is simple: Mix Concentrator Buffer and Concentrator Beads with the sample, wash, and elute pure DNA/RNA in a small volume to concentrate the DNA/RNA samples. Moreover, the DNA/RNA samples are also purified during the procedure. The beads with BioDynami´s unique technology purify DNA/RNA samples effectively by removing unwanted components such as dNTPs, enzymes, detergents, proteins, and other contaminants.

    Traditional magnetic beads can only bind nucleic acids that are 100 bp or longer, and nucleic acids shorter than 100 bp are not effectively recovered. BioDynami have developed this kit overcoming the hurdle of short nucleic acids recovery. The reagents can be used for concentration of samples as large as genomic DNA down to short DNA and RNA.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: 4C