dsDNA Quantification High Sensitivity Kit (for microplate reader)


Quantity: 1000 rxns

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     Highly sensitive and specific double stranded DNA quantification with Microplate Reader

    • Kit optimized for use with microplate reader
    • Linear dynamic range is 0.2-100 ng dsDNA

    BioDynami´s dsDNA Quantification High Sensitivity Kit was developed for double stranded DNA quantification using microplate readers. The DNA Quantification HS kit includes HS Dye, HS Dilution Buffer, and HS DNA Standards. Simply dilute the Dye with the Dilution Buffer, add DNA sample, then read the concentration using microplate reader. The HS assay is accurate in the linear range from 0.2 to 100 ng and is highly selective for double-stranded DNA over RNA. The kit’s advantages include high sensitivity, linear dynamic range and stability, and tolerance of contaminants.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: 4C