Magnetic Beads for Purification of PCR Products (> 80 bp), Primers < 30 nt are removed


Quantity: 20 ml

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    Effective Purification of PCR Fragments

    • Fast and efficient removal of unwanted components and impurities such as primers, salts, dNTPs, enzymes
    • Effective purification of PCR fragments >80 bp
    • Removal of primers <30 nt • Compatible with manual and automated processing Applications:

    • Purification of PCR Fragments
    • Molecular Cloning of PCR Products
    • Sequencing of PCR Products

    BioDynami´s magnetic beads are based on SPRI (Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization) and consist of paramagnetic particles coated with carboxyl groups that reversibly bind DNA.

    Magnetic Beads for PCR Fragment Purification are based on BioDynami’s proprietary chemistries. The beads are developed for effective PCR product purification by removing unwanted components such as primers, salts, dNTPs, enzymes, and other impurities.

    The magnetic beads for PCR Purification are optimized to selectively bind PCR fragments of 80 bp and larger and remove primers that are 30 nt and shorter. Purified PCR fragments are suitable for any downstream application, such as PCR cloning, PCR sequencing, PCR cleanup, or PCR fragment concentration.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: 4C