NGS DNA Fragmentation and Library Prep Kit (Illumina), with non-index primers & PCR reagents


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     Fast and convenient High Quality DNA Fragmentation and NGS Library Prep for 100 ng – 500 ng Genomic DNA inputs

    • Fast: 2-hour protocol from intact genomic DNA to NGS library, 10 min hands-on-time
    • Intact genomic DNA as input, enzymatic DNA fragmentation included in the kit
    • Works with both EDTA-free DNA and DNA resuspended in TE buffer
    • Easy procedure
    • Ready-to-use master mixes
    • Less reaction components
    • Less magnetic beads required: Reduced more than 50%
    • Guaranteed quality: Higher library conversion efficiency
    • Input DNA: Genomic DNA from 100 ng to 500 ng

    The NGS DNA Fragmentation & Library Prep Kit (illumina platform) was developed for construction of high quality libraries for next generation sequencing. The kit uses intact genomic DNA (EDTA-free DNA or DNA resuspended in TE buffer) as input DNA. BioDynami´s technology provides a fast and simple workflow. DNA libraries can be generated in around 2 hours with only 10 min hands-on time.

    The incorporation of DNA fragmentation in the kit makes it possible to directly use intact genomic DNA as input DNA without the prior need of mechanical DNA shearing or enzymatic DNA fragmentation. The NGS DNA Fragmentation & Library Prep Kit does not generate sequencing bias as compared to library preps using mechanical sheared DNA as input. Sequence coverage is also consistent between enzymatic shearing and mechanical shearing. The library size is inversely correlated with the incubation time of step 1 at 20°C.The NGS Fragmentation DNA Library Prep Kit was developed for construction of high quality libraries for next generation sequencing (illumina platform). The kit has high library conversion efficiency with 100 ng – 500 ng DNA genomic DNA input from various sources. The fast and simple 1.5-hour library prep protocol makes libraries with even coverage and low GC-bias based on BioDynami´s unique chemistry for DNA end-polishing and adaptor addition. Library multiplexing is possible with different types of indexes.

    With BioDynami’s unique DNA library preparation technologies, the fast and simple NGS DNA Library Prep Kit allows high quality NGS library preparation to be completed in 1.5 hours with only 10 minutes of hands-on time.

    Standard beads purification can be used to clean the constructed libraries after the library prep and subsequent PCR amplification step. The optimized beads purification step not only reduces the working time, but also decreases more than half of the beads amount needed.

    Different Kit versions are available as follows:

    Non-index (Cat.# 30026): Libraries do not have index.

    Index (Cat.# 30028): Each of our index primers contains a unique barcode sequence with 6 bases that can be used to identify libraries. Library multiplexing up to 48 samples is possible.

    Unique dual index (Cat.# 30030): Library multiplexing up to 96 samples is possible with unique dual indexes. We have developed a 4-Base Difference Index System. The system allows us to make indexes that have at least 4 bases different from each other in the 8 bases index length. Our unique dual indexing primers remove sequencing errors such as index hopping, index cross-contamination, mis-assignment of reads, amplification errors, and de-multiplexing errors. The primer set includes 96 pre-mixed unique pairs of i5 and i7 index primers in a 96-well plate

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C