NGS Library Quantification Kit for qPCR (Illumina Platform), includes Primer Mix and Library Standards


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    The NGS Library Quantification Kit for the Illumina platform was developed for quantification of the NGS library concentration for the Illumina sequencing platform. It is comprised of Library Standards (six 10-fold dilutions) and a primer mix.

    Quantification of the NGS library amplifiable molecules is critical for the quality of the sequencing data. Adequate library concentration will maximize sequencing capacity. Poor library concentration results in either low or high cluster density on the flow cell, which can lead to low sequencing capacity.

    It is not accurate to measure the concentration of NGS library with standard DNA quantification methods such as spectrophotometer or fluorometer. qPCR with specific primers is the best way for library quantification with high consistency and reproducibility of library quantitation.

    BioDynami´s kit is based on highly sensitive Real time PCR-based quantification specifically designed for NGS libraries using illumina sequencing platform. The amplification uses illumina adaptor sequences as primers, and only the fully adaptor-ligated libraries will be amplified. Therefore the reagent provides an accurate estimation of the library concentration based on true sequenceable illumina libraries. In addition, this kit can also be used for confirmation of ligation reaction after completion of library preparation.

    BioDynami´s library quantification kit is compatible with commercial SYBR Green based QPCR reagents. This makes it more flexible for scientists who want to use their real time PCR reagent. Quantification of library concentration is achieved by comparison with a standard curve generated from the provided Library Standards.

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    Storage Temperature: -20C