Tet-inducible Custom Lentiviral shRNA Knockdown Construct (DNA)


Quantity: 25 ug

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    Custom lentiviral constructs for inducible expression of your shRNA of interest

    • tet-inducible shRNA expression
    • Tightly regulated doxycycline-responsive promoters
    • All-in-one, single vector designs that include both the promoter and tet-responsive regulator
    • Select GFP, RFP, PuroR, BleoR, NeoR, or Hygro-HK markers
    • Obtain constructs as plasmid or packaged lentiviral particles

    RNA polymerase 2 binds to the U6 promoter to drive expression of shRNA sequences. Cellecta has developed an inducible version of the U6 promoter by combining its control elements from the bacterial tet-operator into the U6 promoter.
    When the Tet-Repressor (TetR gene) binds to the modified U6 promoter, transcription is blocked. If tetracycline (or doxycycline) is present, the Tet-Repressor cannot bind, and transcription is active.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C