THE ONE 16S NGS KIT for Illumina sequencers – 48 rxns


Quantity: 48 rxns

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    THE Complete Microbiome NGS Library Prep Kit –
    All in one tube: Amplification, Indexing and Quantification

    Everything to create ready-to-sequence 16S NGS libraries in one kit and in one tube:
    • One oligo mix, containing 16S rRNA V3 and V4 amplicon primers and indexed adaptors
    • One enzyme mix for amplification, adaptor addition, & qPCR-based library quantification
    • Clean-Up beads incl. wash and elution buffers
    • Cloud-based data analysis included in the price

    This unique kit developed by YouSeq enables you to obtain microbiome profiles from 5-40 ng bacterial DNA inputs by NGS in minutes of hands on time. Due to the integrated indices and qPCR reagents, sample multiplexing and library normalization for precise pooling are included in the kit´s fast and easy workflow.
    Cloud-based data analysis is also included in the price – you receive a detailed microbiome profile report within 15 minutes after uploading. Please enquire for special pricing in case you prefer to analyze the obtained sequence files with your own bioinformatics solution.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C and 4C