Custom Hyb Capture Panel targeting 600 – 800kb, All-In-One-Kit (NGS Library Prep, Hyb Capture, Beads)


Quantity: 48 rxns

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    Celemics Custom Hyb Capture Panels: Targeted NGS of any set of genes at highest coverage and uniformity. Wet lab tested.

    • Discover Gene Variants (SNV, InDel, CNV, Rearrangements) at highest sensitivity and cost efficiency
    Unique Probe Design: Celemics´ proprietary algorithm makes sure that your regions of interest are covered at superior on-target ratios, coverage, and uniformity, including GC-rich, AT-rich, and homologous sequences
    • Consistent cost-effective probe manufacturing: cRNA-based biotinylated probes with an average length of 120 bp. are manufactured in house in a 2-step synthesis process which ensures unbiased probe pooling and unmatched lot to lot consistency .
    • Re-order custom-probes – at special pricing – with the same performance!
    • Probe Rebalancing: Celemics are the only hyb capture panel provider on the market who rebalance probes which are not performing at even coverage in wet lab NGS assays applying the initial pool. The rebalancing of underperforming probes in cooperation with you, our customer, ensures that the finally delivered hyb capture probe panel demonstrates even coverage and uniformity.
    • Full Bioinformatics Support for analyzing your obtained sequence data available when needed

    Contact uswith your target requirements and we will be pleased to send you a project specific quote!

    The Custom All-In-One-Kit includes the NGS Library Kit developed for the Illumina Sequencing platform – user manual see here – and all accessories such as magnetic beads, Streptavidin beads, and Polymerase. For 16, 96, and 384 rxns custom kit sizes please contact us. All-In-One Custom Kits for Ion Torrent and MGI platforms can also be ordered – please inquire!

    Optionally you can also obtain Custom All-In-One-Kits enabling pre-capture pooling of libraries – available sizes are custom kits for 128, 384, and 764 samples. Please contact us us for pricing.

    Custom hyb capture panels – which are suitable for any sequencing platform including Illumina, Ion Torrent, MGI, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore – are also available without accessories and without library prep kit – please contact us us for pricing.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C