Custom Pooled Lentiviral sgRNA Library (15001 – 35000 sgRNAs)


Quantity: 500 ug

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    Cellecta Custom Lentiviral sgRNA Libraries – any targets, any size, any sgRNA design, any Cellecta vector backbone

    In addition to Cellecta┬┤s premade genome-wide CRISPR libraries, Cellecta will generate Custom CRISPR sgRNA Pooled Libraries of any size in as little as 6 weeks.

    Custom sgRNA libraries for CRISPR knockout, CRISPRa, and CRISPRi with any guide and tracrRNA sequences desired (standard, HEAT-optimized, 10X capture sequences, etc.) can be ordered. Libraries can be provided in plasmid and pre-packaged ready-to-transduce formats. You can choose from multiple vector backbones, including inducible and RNA-seq barcode containing sgRNA expression vectors. Cellecta has over 15 years experience making high quality pooled shRNA, barcode, and sgRNA libraries, and will deliver sgRNA designs tailored to your needs. In case you like Cellecta to synthesize and clone already designed sgRNAs we can accomodate this as well.
    Note: For special sgRNA requirements, a design fee may apply. Please contact us for more details.

    Cellecta Custom Pooled Lentiviral sgRNA Library Deliverables:

    • 500 ug plasmid DNA containing 15001 – 35000 pooled lentiviral custom sgRNA constructs
    • NGS Data featuring the quality controlled distribution of all synthesized sgRNA sequences in the pool
    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C