DriverMap AIR Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Profiling (Human DNA): TCR Profiling Kit, CDR3 Region (96 rxns)


Quantity: 1 kit (96 reactions)

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    Profile T-Cell Receptor (TCR) adaptive immune receptor repertoire by AIRR-seq starting from human genomic DNA

    Easy-to-run, single-day AIRR-seq assay that uses multiplex PCR-NGS technology to profile adaptive immune receptor repertoires

    The DriverMap AIR DNA assay measures the frequency of CDR3 clonotypes to quantify the clonal frequency of T cells.

    • Assay primers contain unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) to enable accurate quantitation of each clonotype.
    • The concentration of reverse gene-specific primers is optimized to provide balanced amplification efficiency of all chains for TCR (TRA, TRB, TRD, and TRG)
    • Sensitive profiling of samples with low lymphocyte content (e.g. FFPE, tumor biopsy, archived specimens) where DNA is more stable than RNA.
    • Complete kit includes all the enzymes, reagents, and primers to prepare 96 samples ready for multiplex Illumina NGS runs from DNA starting material. No additional specialized equipment required.
    • Parallel runs of DriverMap AIR DNA Assay with DriverMap AIR RNA Assay reveal potential disease-associated, activated CDR3 clonotypes

    Cellecta’s DriverMap™ AIR Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Profiling assay is a next-generation targeted multiplex RT-PCR NGS technology designed for bulk quantification of all functional T-Cell Receptors (TCR) TRA, TRB, TRD, TRG in a single AIRR-seq assay.

    Kit Description and Contents:

    • Profile all TCR chains (TRA, TRB, TRG and TRD) in a single reaction from a single sample.
    • Includes all the enzymes, reagents, and primers to prepare 96 samples ready for NGS from human genomic DNA.
    • Assay(s) can be run in a single reaction without having to run multiple expensive assays and without any specialized equipment
    • NGS data can be analyzed with the MiXCR software package available online

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C