Human 55k shRNA library, Module 3 (DNA)-commercial accounts


Quantity: 200 ug

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    • Single library with ~55,000 constructs
    • Each gene is covered by 8 shRNAs targeting functional domains and conserved transcript regions
    • Cell surface marker, extracellular matrix, and DNA binding genes covered—over 6,000 gene targets

    Module 3 of Cellecta´s Human Genome-Wide (hGW) shRNA Library targeting ca. 6,300 genes, including cell surface markers, extracellular matrix genes, and DNA binding genes. Cellecta´s 3-module pooled lentiviral Human Genome-wide shRNA Library cloned in pRSI16cb targets nearly all protein-encoding genes of the human genome, and each gene is targeted by 8 hairpins. The library includes shRNA-specific barcodes that provide an alternative to direct sequencing of the shRNA target sequence which is difficult to sequence due to the stem-loop structure.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C