iSWAB RNA Collection Kit


Quantity: 20 kits

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    Kit for non-invasive RNA collection and preservation, & transport/storage at ambient temperatures – all in the same tube.

    Kit contents: 4 sterile cotton tipped applicator bags (each containing 1 swab), 1 barcode-labeled iSWAB-RNA tube (1ml), 1 extra barcode label, 1 plastic “biohazard” bag with absorbent pad, 1 “Exempt Human Specimen” label, and a box which may be used to mail back the sample

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    • Collect – Stabilize – Concentrate – Transport – Store – Extract: All in a Single Tube
    • Extended RNA stability (up to 4 weeks at room temp, several years at -20 C and -80 C)
    • High quality RNA for downstream applications such as RT-PCR, Microarray and RNA-seq for gene expression analysis
    • Simple, fast and convenient sample collection: Self collection or assisted collection with high simplicity and ease in less than 5 minutes
    • Swab-free sample transport: Improved sample integrity and decreased sample processing time
    • Accommodate for samples from all age groups: Suitable for all population segments including infants, toddlers, and elderly
    • Traceable: LIMS compatible unique barcodes for each iSWAB tube ensures efficient traceability and storage
    • Room temperature stablilty for 4 weeks: Reduce sample storage and transport costs by eliminating cold chain
    • Scalable and easy to process: Manual and automation friendly sample processing

    Collection, Concentration, and Stabilization of High Quality RNA at Room Temperature for applications such as qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, RNA-Seq, Microarrays, Northern Blot, Nuclease Protection Assays, cDNA library construction etc.:

    The iSWAB-RNA device allows for the non-invasive collection, concentration, and stabilization of intact buccal cells and/or any mammalian cells collected with a swab or cytobrush allowing for real time ambient stabilization of total RNA from the point of collection to processing. Maintaining RNA stability and protecting it from degradation is a significant challenge, while current RNA stabilization methods such as PAXgene, Tempus, RNAgard or dry blood spots require invasive blood collection resulting in low compliance. The need to collect blood results in a very limited shelf life, forcing labs to invest in cold storage infrastructure or commit resources to immediate sample processing. Other options for non-invasive collection also suffer from short shelf life storage as well as low quality and unusable RNA.

    Downstream Processing:
    Use 600 ul of thoroughly mixed iSWAB-RNA suspension with MagBio´s bead-based automation compatible HighPrep Total RNA Plus Kit (Cat. Nos. HPTOR-R5, HPTOR-R50, HPTOR-R100, HPTOR-R400) incl. DNAse treatment
    Use 300 ul of thoroughly mixed iSWAB-RNA suspension with Zymo´s Quick-RNA™ MiniPrep Plus Kit (Cat. Nos. R1057 and R1058) without DNAse treatment

    iSWAB Direct RT-PCR:
    The proprietary iSWAB-RNA buffer is a unique formulation that not only stabilizes the samples at the point of collection, but performs a gentle lysis which slowly releases RNA from the cells into the buffer over a period of several hours.
    This feature enables the mixture to be used in a direct-to RT-PCR application, in which the extraction step is skipped entirely.
    For more complex downstream applications such as Next Generation Sequencing or microarrays, we still recommend performing a standard RNA extraction as described above.

    The procedure for preparing iSWAB samples to be used directly in RT-PCR is as follows:
    1. Collect buccal sample with iSWAB-RNA
    2. Incubate the collected iSWAB-RNA at least 3 hrs at room temperature before processing in direct RT-PCR
    3. Centrifuge the collected iSWAB-RNA for 2 minutes at 14000 rpm
    4. Take 1uL of the clarified iSWAB supernatant and dilute in nuclease-free water to 1:16
    5. Take 1 or 2 uL (depending on your required sample input for your RT-PCR protocol) from the iSWAB diluted sample and apply to your direct or standard RT-PCR protocol

    Shipping Conditions: Room Temperature
    Storage Temperature: Room Temperature