NGS DNA Library Prep Flexible Customization Kit (Illumina), no adaptors, no PCR reagents


Quantity: 48 rxns

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    Use your own designed adaptors, PCR primers, and PCR reagents together with BioDynami´s Library Prep Reagents

    • Fast: Hands-on time: ~4 min, Total time: <1 hrs • Simple workflow: Two reaction steps for library construction • Higher library conversion efficiency • Input DNA amount from 100 ng to 1 ug The NGS DNA Library Prep Customization Kit was developed for construction of high quality libraries for next generation sequencing. The kit is derived from BioDynami´s NGS DNA Library Prep Kit. It needs DNA fragments as input for library construction, and is compatible with DNA fragments generated from enzymatic methods and physical methods. Both enzymatic DNA fragmentation (DNA Fragmentation & A-tailing Enzyme Mix Cat.# 40062) and physical DNA fragmentation (sonication etc) have great outcome with the customization kit. With the expansion of the NGS applications, requirements for library preparation are very diverse and in some cases a customized library prep is needed. To facilitate the DNA library prep customization, BioDynami made this kit to help scientists so they can totally customize the form of their own NGS libraries. The kit enables you to use your own designed adaptors, PCR primers, and PCR reagents.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C