NGS DNA Library Prep Kit (Ion Torrent), with indexed adaptors


Quantity: 48 rxns

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     Fast and convenient High Quality NGS Library Prep for 50 ng – 1 ug DNA inputs

    • Simple procedure: Reactions for all three steps are in one tube
    • Fast protocol: Total protocol around 1 hour, hands-on time only ~5 minutes
    • Guaranteed high library conversion efficiency as compared to other kits
    • No insert concatemer ligation
    • Input DNA amount: from 50 ng to 1 ug

    The NGS DNA Library Prep Kit (Ion Torrent platform) was developed for construction of high quality DNA libraries for next generation sequencing using Ion Torrent platform. The kit uses short double strand DNA fragments (blunt ends and/or sticky ends) as input DNA for NGS library construction, and is compatible with DNA fragments generated from both enzymatic methods (e.g. BioDynami DNA Fragmentation Enzyme Mix) and mechanical methods (sonication, nebulization etc.). BioDynami´s unique technology increases library conversion efficiency and eliminates insert concatemer ligation. The kit is available without indexing (Cat.# 30051) and for library multiplexing of up to 12 samples (Cat.# 30050)

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C