ssDNA Quantification Kit (for Qubit fluorometer)


Quantity: 500 rxns

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     Sensitive single stranded DNA quantification with the Qubit® fluorometer

    • Kit optimized for use with the Qubit® Fluorometer
    • Uses the Qubit® 1-200 ng ssDNA assay setting
    • Linear dynamic range is 1-200 ng ssDNA

    BioDynami´s ssDNA Quantification Kit is developed for single stranded DNA quantification. The kit includes ssDNA Dye, ssDNA Dilution Buffer, and two ssDNA Standards. Simply dilute the ssDNA Dye with the ssDNA Dilution Buffer, add DNA sample (volume from 1-20 μL), then read the concentration using the Qubit® Fluorometer. The assay is accurate for DNA concentrations from 50 pg/µL to 200 ng/µL

    BioDynami´s kit detects ssDNA by using fluorescent dye that enables sensitive quantification of single-stranded DNA, including ssDNA viruses, synthetic ssDNA, first-strand cDNA synthesis, denatured DNA, and bisulfate-converted DNA. The kit’s advantages include high sensitivity, linear dynamic range, stability, and tolerance of contaminants.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: 4C