Our Service Portfolio

Below you can find information, about our custom services. As each customized project is different, the descriptions are kept general, and we would like to encourage you to contact us with details about your individual desire.

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NGS Services

DriverMap Targeted RNA-Seq Service:

Provide as little as a few picograms of human total RNA per run and obtain expression profiling data for all protein-coding genes in each sample. If you are interested in a subset, or in mouse or other organisms, ask for customized DriverMap assay development.

Sequencing Service for Samples from Genetic Screens

Get results from gene screens with pooled CRISPRshRNA, and barcode libraries faster by just providing cells or genomic DNA to Nucleus Biotech.  NGS prep, sequencing, deconvolution, and analysis will be performed by our partner Cellecta and you will receive the final quantitative report.


Custom Cell Lines

We are offering the following cell line engineering options and more:

  • Cas9 expressing cell line of your choice
  • Knockout or knockdown a gene
  • Zero-footprint CRISPR knockout using non-integrated sgRNA and Cas9
  • Inducible gene activation and inhibition with CRISPRa and CRISPRi
  • Knock-in genes or gene-tags
  • Protein overexpression (constitutive or inducible)
  • Reporter cells

Contact us and let us know the modification you desire in what cells.


Custom Libraries

In addition to custom CRISPR/CRISPRa/CRISPRi sgRNA and RNAi shRNA libraries, we can provide Cellecta´s  custom lentiviral barcode libraries that enable you to generate populations of millions of cells where each have their own uniquely identifiable barcode sequence.

A broad range of vector options featuring a variety of promoters, fluorescence tags, and selection markers is available.

Custom sgRNA and barcode libraries can be offered with expressed barcodes for RNA-seq readout approaches such as CRISPR-Seq/Perturb-Seq.


Screening Services

Based on Cellecta´s years of RNAi and CRISPR screening expertise we offer full scale genetic screening with pooled lentiviral sgRNA and shRNA libraries to identify gene targets driving biological responses in your cell lines or model systems of interest.


Contact us and let us know what Screening Service you desire.


Custom Constructs

Lentiviral expression vectors are one of the most convenient and effective vehicles to introduce and stably express either your cDNA of interest or sgRNA/shRNA targeting your gene in almost any mammalian cell.

We offer both constitutive as well as inducible expression, and there is a broad range of vector options available featuring a variety of promoters, fluorescence tags, and selection markers.


Lentiviral Packaging Services

Save yourself the work of packaging and titering your lentiviral plasmids or libraries. Obtain ready-to-transduce, pre-packaged, VSV-g pseudotyped, and functionally titered lentiviral particles in your desired quantity and titer.



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